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Vision Zero
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Vision Zero is a global initiative whose goal is to reduce severe injuries and deaths in roadway collisions. Through the LA GeoHub you can explore, visualize, and download Vision Zero's location-based Open Data, as well as use and develop web and mobile applications that support this initiative.
Moving to a Safer Los Angeles
The City of Los Angeles has been monitoring and collecting data on traffic collisions for some time. These charts present one view of the data, displaying collisions by transit mode and year.
Primary Travel Mode for all trips
* Los Angeles County
People Killed or Severely Injured
Los Angeles Annual Traffic Fatalities and Severe Injuries
* 2014 and 2015 data is provisional
Want to learn more? Check out the Vision Zero fact page and the raw Collision Data (2009-2013).
Vision Zero Maps & Applications
Indicators & Related Data
Vision Zero data links demographics, the built environment, and health outcomes, serving as a tool to inform transportation safety planning and policy in Los Angeles.
Understanding Our City
Use Open Data with curated Community data to understand the City
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Vision Zero Focus Groups - 7/2016
In July, LADOT will begin a series of small-group discussions throughout the City to learn about opinions on safety related topics, and to guide the future of our action plan.
Education Campaign - Fall 2016
Street safety education and public outreach will help people move more safely through the City, whether they're driving, walking, bicycling or taking transit. This fall, LADOT will focus on effective street safety education to create a common set of expectation and influence behavior change, resulting in safer, more livable streets for all.

Learn more how you can get involved by going to visionzero.lacity.org

Vision Zero is an initiative of the city of Los Angeles and its partners.